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Arkwater.com.  Because Water is Life.

Welcome to Arkwater.com, a company based in Singapore


Arkwater.com brings to Asia, water filter technology that was first developed over 180 years ago, with a proven history of continuing product development.  These are the Doulton® and British Berkefeld® ceramic water filters manufactured to stringent international standards.   

With Arkwater.com's Doulton® water purifiers, you can create your own drinking water supplies.
No need to boil.  Be Your Own Bottler at home, in the field, Anytime, Anywhere.



Arkwater.com's Countertop Packages
For Kitchen and Residential Use


Arkwater.com's Undersink Packages
For Kitchen, Home Bar and Residential Use


Arkwater.com's Portable Package
For Camping,
the Outdoors
and Disaster Relief


Arkwater.com's Rural System

For Community Development



No electricity needed
Requires water pressure


No electricity needed
Requires water pressure


No electricity needed
No water pressure needed


Options to create electriticy or water pressure if feasible
Rural Family Units require no electricity or water pressure


The world famous Doulton® and British Berkefeld® ceramic water filters have been used over the last 180 years in over 150 countries, by families in residential households, pet fish owners, factories in industrial sectors, embassies, the International Red Cross, Unicef, government embassies, Save the Children and thousands of field workers around the world.  It is considered to be one of the most reliable water filters consistently able to produce streams of purer, safe, clean, drinking water from available contaminated water sources.

When the water source is dubious and lives are at stake, you can fully depend on Arkwater.com's Doulton® Water Purifiers for safe, drinking water.

Chlorinating drinking water renders it safe from bacteria and other microorganisms. While the use of a chlorine as a biocide is  necessary to provide public water safety, the chlorination process may unfortunately also create tiny amounts of Trihalomethanes - chemicals which are known to cause cancer - in particular, colorectal cancer.

For public water providing authorities, the need to provide safe water more than outweighs the risk of cancer which has always been thought of as being relatively low.  However, in recent years, new authoritative studies have brought an understanding that the potential health risk of THM could be greater than previously thought, affecting areas like fetal growth.  Indeed the EPA revised downwards by 20%, the limits of THMs in public drinking water.

With regard to chlorine in water - some people think that chlorine is good for the body.  It isn't.  Studies in which distilled water has been chlorinated have shown the elevated risk of atherosclerosis (leading to heart attack) in animal studies.

Why take the risk?  Prolonged exposure to such chemicals can increase the chance of cancer.  You can simply, easily and cheaply reduce chemicals such as chlorine and trihalomethanes from your drinking water by using Arkwater.com's Doulton® Ultracarb filter, a cleanable, long-life-span multi-media all-in-one compact filter, with certified laboratory tests.

Current research is revealing that even in countries where clean water is available, metal toxicity in water can result from existing plumbing and recycling.  Heavy metal toxicity in human beings is frequently the result of long term, low level exposure to pollutants.  Exposure to toxic metals is associated with many chronic diseases, some with symptoms like impairment in speech, reaction time, memory retention and memory recall.  If we think about it, in some cases, it is not unlike the symptoms of attention deficiency.  These heavy metals can be reduced by  Arkwater.com's Doulton® Ultracarb filters.

In rural areas, it may be necessary to run water analysis tests to determine the pollutants and challenges that need to be dealt with.  Arkwater.com has assembled a range of water quality test strips, test kits and test meters to assess drinking water quality.

In disaster preparedness, it is important to have water filtration equipment that can convert for use in situations where there is no water pressure.  Arkwater.com's water purification models have been, are being and can be used in Disaster Relief to produce filtered water for drinking.
Arkwater.com's RS6 & CS4 Community Drinking Water Filter Modular Systems can be configured to reduce radionuclides such as radioactive iodine, strondium and cesium isotopes.

Arkwater.com's Doulton® and British Berkefeld® ceramic water purifier systems are time-tested, reliable and easy to use.

Available now at Arkwater.com's authorised distributor stores in Singapore.


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