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                          MODEL:  AWTS-1
    Complete Water Test Kit
  (Disposable) USA
Kit contains:
      1 test bottle: Bacteria presence/absence
      2 test strips: pH
      2 test strips: Total Chlorine
                                      2 test strips: Free Chlorine
                                      2 test strips each for: Iron, Copper, Chloride, Nitrate, Total Alkalinity,
                                      Total Hardness, Sulfate, Hydrogen Sulfide


                            MODEL:  AWTS-2
                            5-in-1 Water Test Strips
  (Disposable) USA
Kit contains 100 Test Strips, each testing 5 parameters:
                                   Total Hardness
                                   Free Chlorine
                                   Total Chlorine




*Critical measurements for drinking water pollution


Bacterial Growth Test Kit
(20 tests)  Germany
Rapid, 1 step method with a 24 hour incubation response time for Total Coliform presence


Coliform Presence/Absence Water Test Kit
(10 tests)  USA
Fast Test Kit includes Media pack & Thio bag.  
Optional identification of E Coli under longwave UV.
(Kit excludes UV unit)


Bacteria Check Water Quality Test Bottle
 (1 test)  USA
A quick test to confirm presence/absence of Coliform


Dissolved Oxygen Kit
  (Disposable) USA
30 tests, 1 - 12 ppm




Series:  AWTK-5
Individual Water Quality Analysis Test Kits   
Each Kit tests only 1 analyte.  
Series of 15 analytes.

MODEL:  AWTK-5.1    Iron,    25 tests
Certain types of bacteria use iron as an energy source.  They oxidise the iron from its ferrous state to its ferric state and deposit it in the slimy gelatinous material which surround them.  These bacteria grow in stringy clumps and are found in most iron bearing waters.

MODEL:  AWTK-5.2    Copper,    25 tests
High doses of copper can cause liver damage or anemia.  The US EPA has proposed a maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 1.3mg/l for copper.

MODEL:  AWTK-5.3    Chloride Cl O2,   30 tests
Contamination by salf water.

*MODEL:  AWTK-5.4    Residual Chlorine (free),    50 tests

*MODEL:  AWTK-5.5    Ammonia Nitrogen NH3-N,    25 tests
Can be used also for aquarium/aquaculture.

*MODEL:  AWTK-5.6    Nitrite Nitrogen NO2 - N,    50 tests
Both Ammonia Nitrogen and Nitrates are common measures of pollution, usually via fertilizers.

MODEL:  AWTK-5.7    pH,    50 tests

*MODEL:  AWTK-5.8    Phosphate,    25 tests
Phosphate from ferfilizers and septic tank overflows.

MODEL:  AWTK-5.9    Chromium,    25 tests
Chromium water pollution and land fill contamination, or other forms of Chromium pollution may cause health problems.

MODEL:  AWTK-5.10  Total Hardness,    15 tests
Can be an indicator of industrial wastes in rivers.  Used in China as a pollution indicator.

MODEL:  AWTK-5.11  Manganese,    15 tests
High levels of manganese in the water produces an unpleasant odour and taste.

MODEL:  AWTK-5.12  Nickel,    25 tests
Usually an indicator of discarding of industrial electronic waste, goes together with cadmium and other more toxic heavy metals.

*MODEL:  AWTK-5.13  Hydrogen Sulfide H2S,     50 tests
Odour of rotten eggs in water.  Sometimes used as a rough proxy test for presence of certain types of sulphur-related bacteria.

*MODEL:  AWTK-5.14  O2 as Dissolved Oxygen,    30 tests

MODEL:  AWTK-5.15  Ozone O3,    30 tests







pH Meter
(Waterproof) Singapore  
Basic pH Test with ATC, ± 0.1 pH accuracy


pH 7, pH 4 or pH10 Buffer Calibration, 480ml
For pH Meter Tester Calibration purposes


pH Meter  
(Pen-type) China
 pH from 0.00 to 14.00
with Automatic Temperature Compensation at 0 șC - 50 șC, ± 0.1 pH accuracy




Dissolved Oxygen Meter CyberScan
With 3m Cable Electrode Kit Set


Total Dissolved Solids Meter
(Waterproof) Singapore
Multi-range Tester Temperature display


TDS Buffer Calibration, 480ml
 For TDS Meter Tester Calibration purposes


Total Dissolved Solids Meter
Range: 0 - 9990 ppm (mg/L)


Total Dissolved Solids Meter
(with thermometer) China
 Range: 0 - 9990 ppm (mg/L)


Electrical Conductivity Meter
 Range: 0 - 1999 us/cm


Pollution Indicator Meter ColorTouch Screen
DO/BOD meter with BOD Electrode & Power Adaptor
 (Dissolved Oxygen / Biological Oxygen Demand)





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