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About started as a service by Ark Infoware Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based Information and Communications Technology business, operating since 1989, mainly within the 10-nation ASEAN region.

As part of the constant travels within the region, some of Ark's staff became sick as a result of unclean drinking water.  In 2001, the management of Ark Infoware decided to make available in these countries, highly reliable water filtration products which becomes the source of purer drinking water. This is intended as a service and a fulfillment of corporate responsibility.

After a period of meticulous research by engineer-trained minds, it was decided that the water filtration technology from DoultonŽ, a UK brand, provided the best solution.  We have found that, with DoultonŽ water filters, we Become our Own Bottlers at home, in the office, in rural areas, Anytime, Anywhere. aims to help make available reliable water filters that provide purer, crystal clear, safe, clean and healthy drinking water for all peoples and communities.  
It is our desire that filter systems will not contribute additional substances, alkalinity, minerals or other additives to the source of water. Rather, our filter systems will remove pathogenic harmful organisms and reduce trace organic and inorganic impurities, yet leave the healthy minerals naturally present in the water. aims to make it affordable for every person or family to own a proven, reliable water purifier which can be safely converted for use in Disaster situations with high filtration integrity. Pte Ltd is a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Singapore.


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