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Emergency Adaptation to produce Drinking Water


If you own an Arkwater.com Gravity Filter Model:

This British BerkefeldŽ ceramic candle water filter unit that you own is ready for immediate use in Disaster Scenarios.

Simply pour unfiltered rain water, or water from puddles, into the top chamber, and, drink from the filtered water collected in the lower chamber.


If you own an Arkwater.com Residential Water Purifier Model with an Ultracarb candle:

This DoultonŽ Ultracarb ceramic candle water filter unit that you own can immediately be adapted for emergency usage in disaster scenarios.  

  • Take out Arkwater.com's DoultonŽ Ultracarb Ceramic Candle element from inside the housing.
  • Secure the white water tubing to the black outlet of Arkwater.com's DoultonŽ Ultracarb Ceramic Candle.
  • Put Arkwater.com's DoultonŽ Ultracarb Ceramic Candle into a pail or any makeshift container filled with rain water, or water from puddles, rivers, cisterns. Be careful that unfiltered water does not enter the black outlet leading to the inside of the ceramic candle.
  • Place this container of unfiltered water on a high stool or table or tree-stump.
  • Lead the other end of the white water tubing into another clean container, jug or cooking pot.
  • Place the clean container at floor level.
  • The water will filter through by siphonic action, from outside the filter, to inside the filter, exiting the black outlet, then through the white tubing, and down to the lower container.
  • In an emergency/disaster, without any electricity or water pressure, you can expect the flow rate to be about 1 litre per hour, for a properly cleaned Ultracarb candle.  Your Ultracarb candle will remove harmful bacteria, water-borne cysts, chlorine, dissolved chemicals, pesticides and fungicides, as well as dissolved metals.




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