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Residential Filters
 Gravity Filters
Industrial Filters 
        Reverse Osmosis 






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Arkwater.com.  Because Water is Life. 


                                Arkwater.com's Water Purifier Systems

 Residential Water Purifier


Countertop and Undersink units
for Home or Office Pantry usage


Gravity Filters


Portable units
for Camping, Field, the Outdoors
Emergency and Disaster Relief usage



 Industrial Water Purifiers


Higher Volume units
for Commercial and Industrial applications



 Reverse Osmosis



Low pressure CSM,
Reverse Osmosis second stage filter
to remove minerals




Point-of-Use Water Purifiers


Point-of-Use Units
Dispenses Hot and Cold Drinking Water

Water Purifiers for Community Development

 Rural Community
 Drinking Water Purifier Systems



 Water Purifiers for Humanitarian Projects and Disaster Relief


Large volume, low cost, sustainable Emergency Drinking Water Supply System

Sold to NGO and non profit organisations only



Contact Arkwater.com with your specific requirements 

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