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   Home  |  Parts  Because Water is Life.'s DoultonŽ Ceramic Filter Candles and Cartridges (UK)
 For Countertop/Undersink Water Filters



                                                                        Cash n' Carry Store Price

DN-UC-10:  Ultracarb 10" Candle (UK)    

S$ 110.00

DN-SC-10:  Supercarb 10" Candle (UK)

S$ 90.00

DN-SS-10:  SuperSterasyl 10" Candle (UK)

S$ 80.00

DN-S-10:  Sterasyl 10" Candle (UK)

S$ 70.00

DN-PL-5:  5-micron 10" Pleated Pre-filter (UK)

S$ 60.00

DN-UC-ICP:  Ultracarb Imperial  Candle (UK)


DN-SC-ICP:  Supercarb Imperial Candle (UK)


DN-S-ICP:  Sterasyl Imperial Candle (UK)

S$110.00's Specialty Filter Candles
 For Countertop/Undersink Water Filters


Cash n' Carry Store Price

DN-FL-10:  DoultonŽ Fluoride Reduction Candle (UK)  

S$ 100.00

DN-CL-10:  DoultonŽ Chloramine Reduction Candle (UK)  

S$ 55.00

DN-SF-10:  DoultonŽ Scale Reduction Candle (UK) 

S$ 50.00

CN10-CTO: Chemical Taste Odour Reduction Candle (China)  

S$ 40.00

CN10-GAC:  Granular Activated Carbon Candle (China)  

S$ 40.00

CN10-PP:  Meltblown PP Candle (China)

S$ 35.00


Cartridge filters

For Specialty Cartridge Filters  
& Whole House Filters, Click Here

.'s British Berkefeld/DoultonŽ Ceramic Filter Candles (UK)
 For Gravity Filters



                                                                            Cash n' Carry Store Price

BB-ATC-7:  ATC SuperSterasyl 7" Candle

S$  85.00

BB-SS-10:  SuperSterasyl 10" Candle

S$  80.00

BB-SS-7:  SuperSterasyl  7" Candle

S$  75.00

BB-S-10:  Sterasyl 10" Candle

S$  70.00

BB-S-7:  Sterasyl 7" Candle

S$  65.00


(for's existing customers & distributors)

Note on Prices:
The Replacement Parts prices listed below apply only for's existing customers with supporting Proof of Purchase documents.  Please keep your Original Sales Receipt as Proof of Purchase.  

Kindly note that without the Original Proof of Purchase from Arkwater's Authorised Distributors, there will be an additional Handling Fee of S$25.00 per part. 


For DoultonŽ Countertop HCP Water Purifier System:

Flip-switch 1/4 turn diverter valve with swivel collar

S$ 28.00

HCP Housing Rubber O-Ring (Imported from the UK) 

S$ 5.00

White Plastic Tap Adaptor Kit (Imported from the UK)

S$ 7.50

Threaded Metal Tap Adaptor (Singapore)

S$ 7.50

Threaded Metal Tap Adaptor (China)

S$ 7.50

Tap Rubber O-Ring (Singapore) 

S$ 1.00

Countertop Tubing, cream (China), cut to size, per 3ft run

S$ 8.00

Threadless Rubber Tap Adaptor


Special-sized Tap Adaptors for designer taps



For DoultonŽ Undersink HIP Water Purifier System:

Long-reach Faucets (China)


   AWF-01      "Touchflo black"     

S$ 46.00

   AWF-02      "Touchflo white"  

S$ 46.00

   AWF-03A    "Dakota"  

S$ 46.00

   AWF-03B    "Dakota Slim"  

S$ 46.00

   AWF-04A    "Classic A"    

S$ 46.00

   AWF-04B    "Classic B"   

S$ 46.00

   AWF-04C    "Classic C" 

S$ 46.00

   AWF-04D    "Classic D"

S$ 46.00

   AWF-04E    "Classic E"   

S$ 46.00

   AWF-04F    "Classic F"    

S$ 46.00

   AWF-05      "Shanghai"

S$ 46.00

   AWF-06A   "American Compact"  

S$ 66.00

   AWF-06B   "American Compact Copper"   

S$ 66.00

   AWF-07      "American Standard"   

S$ 76.00

   AWF-08A   "American Tall A"

S$ 76.00

   AWF-08B   "American Tall B" 

S$ 76.00

   AWF-09      "Provence"

S$ 76.00

   AWF-10      "Victoria"

S$ 76.00

   AWF-11B   "Modern S/S"

S$ 76.00

   AWF-12      "Elegant"  

S$ 76.00

   AWF-13      "Paris"

S$ 66.00

   AWF-14      "Bendy"

S$ 76.00

   AWF-15      "Stubby Classic"

S$ 46.00

   AWF-16      "Fountain"

S$ 56.00


LP Valve and Non-return Valve (Imported from the UK)  

S$ 36.00

HIP Housing Rubber O-Ring (Imported from the UK)  

 S$ 5.00

Brass Inlet Insert (Imported from the UK

S$ 4.00

3/8" to 7/16 push-fit connector (Imported from the UK)  


3/8" to 1/2" push-fit connecor (Imported from the UK)


Connecting PE tube 2m (Imported from the UK)




HIP Installation Parts Kit (Imported from the UK

S$ 40.00

- 1 pc 3/8" to 7/16 push-fit connector


- 1 pc 3/8" to 1/2 " push-fit connector


-  Connecting PE tube 2m, white (non-corrosive)    



For's Rural System Water Purifiers:

Modular Cartridge Filters                   

Depending on model

12V / 24V Drinking Water Pumps

Depending on model

Electromagnetic Control Valves (for Pump)

Depending on model

230V AC to 12V / 24V Power Supply

Depending on model

Ultraviolet unit (for water treatment)

Depending on model

Mitsubishi Solar Panel

Depending on model



Other Installation parts / tools Disaster Conversion Kit

 S$ 22.00

Food Grade Silicone Grease (USA), 4 grams

S$ 4.00

Plastic Adaptors (mostly for systems)

Depending on model

Water Quality Tests



Test Strips


Complete Water Test Kit  (USA) 

S$ 69.00

  AWTS-2        5-in-1 Water Test Strips, 100 tests (USA)  

S$ 65.00

  AWTS-9        pH Test Strips, 100 tests (China)

S$ 18.00

  AWTS-10      Free Chlorine Test Strips, 100 tests (USA)

S$ 65.00

  AWTS-11      Dissolved Metal Test Strips, 50 tests (USA) 

S$ 60.00

  AWTS-12      Dissolved Copper Test Strips, 50 tests (USA) 

S$ 78.00



Test Kits


Coliform Presence/Absence Water Test Kit, 10 tests (USA)

S$ 170.00

  AWTK-6      Dissolved Iron Test Reagent, 50 tests (USA) 

S$ 60.00



Test Meters


pH Meter, pen-type (China)  

S$ 70.00

  AWTM-2B   pH Meter, pen-type (China)  

S$ 60.00

  AWTM-2.2   pH Buffer Calibration Solution Powder (China)   

S$ 10.00

  AWTM-5      TDS Meter (China)

S$ 55.00

  AWTM-6      TDS Meter, with thermometer (China)

S$ 60.00

  AWTM-7      Electrical Conductivity Meter (China) 

S$ 82.00

  AWTM-14    Salt Water Densimeter with Temperature (China) 

S$ 39.00

  AWTM-15    Soil pH Moisture, 2-in-1 (China)

S$ 42.00



Contact with your specific requirements. 


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