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  Home  |  Water Filters  |  Community Development Systems  |  Rural Community Systems  Because Water is Life.'s Modular Drinking Water Systems
For Rural Community Use




 Cash n' Carry Store Price:


Optional RS6-RO-100 Kit
includiing ancilliary
parts & adaptors:
S$200.00's Rural System-6 Water Purifier (RS6)'s Rural System-6 Package is a compact frame mounted unit that is about the size of a standard trolley bag.  It will provide water for about 100 people or about 100 litres/hour with water from a clean borehole.'s RS6 includes:

  • 6 Filtration Stages (modular)
  • Including Doulton® Sterasyl 10" ceramic water filter cartridge (microfiltration)
  • 1 Ultraviolet sterilizer unit (for virus deactivation)
  • Arkwater 12V DC Drinking Water Pump
  • 230V AC to 12V Power Supply for Water pump
  • Compact Steel / Aluminium Mounting frame
  • Connectors, adaptors and flexible piping
  • Connectors and adaptors

Net Weight:
 •  About 18kg  
.•  Within most limits for individual check-in luggage

Not included: Battery, Water tank & tank tap, water storage bottle.

Optional Filter Spares Kit:  According to Source Water Conditions



These systems use a pump which runs off a 12V battery such as a vehicle battery.'s Rural Systems will produce about 100 litres of water per hour using a tiny 30 watts of power per hour from a relatively clean source such as a well.  If the water source is very murky, the water flow will be slower. Such a system can readily be run off solar power.




 Cash n' Carry Store Price:

CS4-20 Standard Package:
S$3,838.00's Community System-4 Water Purifier (CS4)'s Community System-4 (CS4) is a high volume drinking water filtration system for small communities or institutions of about 1000 people.

This portable filtration system is ideal for disaster relief.

Depending on the source water quality,'s CS4-10 & CS4-20 can produce up to 900 litres/hour.  Typically, with a 20% duty cycle, the unit will  produce about 3,000 litres of drinking water a day.

The actual flow rate is determined by several on-ground factors including influent, clogging of filters and pump performance.

  • With AC power and pumps,  storage tanks, appropriate flocculation and influent with low sedimentation, in an application such as removing cholera from otherwise clear water,'s CS4-20 can certainly reach higher throughput than 900 litres/hour. .
  • However, deployments using battery  power and DC pumps, with turbid influent such as may happen after an earthquake will have less filtration throughput.'s  CS4-20 Standard Package now includes the CS4-20-DC Module (listed below) comprising of a DC-powered pump and accessories.  This runs the CS4 Drinking Water Filtration System from a 24V DC battery (e.g. a truck battery) which is commonly available in many rural areas.

The CS4 Systems may alternatively be driven by a user-supplied pump.'s CS4-20 Standard Package includes 3 modules:

CS4-20-M Main Module, which includes 5 stages:

  • 4 Filtration Stages (modular)
  • including Rio-2000 6-element ceramic filter
  • 1 Ultraviolet sterilizer unit (for virus deactivation)
  • Compact Steel / Aluminium Mounting frame
  • Flocculation pack

CS4-20-PF Module, which includes:

  • 2-pre-filtration J10 stages
  • Refillable filter housings with filter media (modular)
  • Mounting bracket and assembly hardware

CS4-20-DC Module, which includes:

  • DC Pump (24V) - with automatic pressure shut off.
  •   Power Supply for Pump (24V)
  • Inlet Sieve/Filter
  • Inverter 24V DC to 230V AC   (to power UV steraliser)
  • Adaptors, connectors and assembly hardware

Not included: Battery, Water tank & tank tap, water storage bottle.

An optional CS4-20-SM Solar Module,  includes:

  • Mitsubishi Solar Panel 120W
  • Phocos Charge Controller

Note: Specifications of solar module will change from time to time due to technology advances in this area





  Sample Application of's Rural System-2


Picture shows's Rural System-2, without mounting frame, with additional prefiltration elements, battery, power inverters and chargers, which are not part of the kit.
Deployed in Cambodia, this provides drinking water capacity for over 100 people running off a 12 V battery.




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